Belle Meade Bourbon
Calvados Cask Finish

For fans of our limited-run bourbons, we couldn't be more excited to announce that we are rounding out an incredible year of Craftsman Cask Collection releases with a stunning entry: the Belle Meade Bourbon Calvados Cask Finish. Similar to our collaboration with Casa Noble Tequila for our Belle Meade Bourbon Tequila Cask Finish, we've teamed up with the acclaimed La Ribaude calvados distillery in Normandy, France for another truly internationally flavored release, steeped in the French tradition of apple brandy. After aging barrels of Belle Meade Bourbon for 8-11 years, we then transferred our whiskey to the calvados brandy cask, where it finished for 36 months in our Nashville barrel room. The complex, unforgettable aromas of the calvados brandy cask have subtly intermingled with our high-rye mash bill Belle Meade Bourbon, creating another distinct and exciting flavor profile that followers of our Craftsman Cask series have come to expect. After years of patiently waiting to taste the results of our latest Craftsman Cask Collection release, we're thrilled with the final product and we think you'll be too.



Bottled at cask strength, this limited release is 115.9 proof and only available on November 7th, 2021 for $149.99.


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Proof: 115.9
Nose: Baked apple spice with hints of caramel and wildflower
Palate: Oaky pine, dark tobacco, and molasses
Finish: Long earthy finish with hints of clove, cinnamon, and more cooked fruit


Price: $149.99 | One bottle per person