Belle Meade Bourbon makes Vinepair's List of 7 Great Bourbons Not Made in Kentucky


We love our friends in Kentucky, but we also love it when bourbons made outside the Bluegrass State get some of the spotlight. We were fortunate enough to find ourselves among some top-notch whiskeys on Vinepair's list.

Check out the quote below and see the full list here.

Kentucky bourbon doesn’t have a monopoly on distilling history. Nelson’s Green Brier in Nashville, Tenn., was once one of the largest whiskey distilleries in the U.S. until Prohibition went and ruined everything. The brand is alive once more, and its Belle Meade Bourbon is a smooth blend of four barrels with notes of maple, caramel, and vanilla. There’s a relatively high amount of rye spice that makes it stand out in a cocktail — but it’s just as good neat or on the rocks. If you’re looking for something a little different, Belle Meade also has bourbons finished in sherry casks, Cognac casks, and Madeira casks.
— VinePair
pressJesse Goldstein