7 tips for drinking whiskey in the summer

Seven Tips for Drinking Whiskey in the Summer / Belle Meade Bourbon: Nashville, TN

With the resurgence of whiskey over the past years, there is no better time to enjoy this wonderful spirit. Below are seven ideas on how to make this summer a whiskey summer via Georges at the Cove.

  1. Drink it cold. Whiskey loves ice, ice loves whiskey. Where one would usually stir traditional whiskey cocktails, try shaking it with lots of ice or use shaved ice which has more surface area to contact the beverage and chill it down quickly.
  2. Mix with stone fruits. Try mixing in some ripe peaches, plums, apricots or nectarines, just to name a few.
  3. Choose younger whiskies. Whiskey lovers enjoy the rare, complex flavors that extra time in the barrel can bring. Some of the rarest and oldest whiskies can fetch hefty prices on the secondary markets. Insider's Secret: most limited whiskey releases are in the fall. So, get out and enjoy the sunshine.
  4. Save your cocktail bitters for fall. We know many of you are huge fans of craft bitters. But, the guests at your next summer soiree will thank you for serving refreshing beverages over complex, direct whiskey cocktails.
  5. How about white dog (unaged whiskey) and moonshine? No need for a whiskey barrel during a heat wave. White whiskey is a perfect alternative to tequila: try this moonshine margarita recipe from Nelson's Green Brier Distillery.
  6. Make a tastier tea. Tea and bourbon are a natural pairing, try a little with your next Arnold Palmer!
  7. Mix with summer fruits and vegetables. Champion all things local and make yourself a tasty drink at the same time by mixing in produce from your garden or local farmer's market. The key to making a quality cocktail is balance. If you balance the flavors in your drink, you'll be amazed at how many flavor combinations can work with whiskey!

Keep these seven tips in mind and you’ll be sipping the “water of life” all the way through Labor Day.