Uproxx: Our Favorite Bourbon Whiskey from Every Price Point

We spend a lot of time making sure any bottle that has our Belle Meade Bourbon Reserve label on it is the very best bourbon we can offer.

Hand-selected and barreled at a steady 108.3 proof, Reserve is one of our personal favorites, so we love to see it get some recognition. Check out what Zach at Uproxx had to say and pick up a bottle to try for yourself!

Belle Meade, the blending arm of Nashville’s Nelson Green Brier, sources some of the best barrels for their expressions. This whiskey is a hand-selected, marrying of high-rye (30 percent) seven to eleven-year-old bourbons that are bottled at nearly barrel strength (it’s just touched with water, as needed) — allowing the juice in the barrel to speak for itself.

This kind of feels like that ultimate slow sipper. Please add water to really let those deep buttery apple pie notes bloom in the glass and take your time basking in them.