Gear Patrol: Non-Chill Filtered Bourbon Is the Natural Wine of the Whiskey World

Gear Patrol recently featured Belle Meade Bourbon in this incredibly interesting piece Non-Chilled Filtered Bourbons. Chill Filtration is a process that has been used by distilleries for the past century, and while it’s effects are subtle, true whiskey aficionados will tell you that while the impact on flavor might very from person-to-person, the more traditional process of forgoing chilled filtration yields a more traditional bourbon.

Belle Meade just wants you to try their whiskeys in as many ways as they can afford to give them to you. The Nashville distillery’s madeira-finished bourbon is a blend of six- and nine-year-old high-rye whiskeys. You won’t get the madeira on the nose, but after the first sip it’s front and center with deep blackberry and dark cherry notes.

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