Garden & Gun | A Late Summer Bourbon Cocktail

Special thanks Garden & Gun for including this tasty cocktail from our friends at Henrietta Red!

Halloran originally crafted this cocktail for Charlie Nelson, who with his brother Andy, reopened Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery, also located in Nashville. Since 2011, the brothers have been intent on resurrecting the whiskey once made by their great-great-great-grandfather Charles Nelson. While patiently waiting for their own whiskey to age, they acquired casks from another outfit, blending four barrels at a time to produce a flavor profile they felt offered a respectable nod to the family recipe, and began selling it under the Belle Meade Bourbon label.

The result is a flavorful whiskey loaded with authoritative rye notes, and bottled at cocktail-friendly 90 proof, assuring it won’t be timid when facing down sometimes pushy mixers, like, say, grapefruit juice and a bitter Italian liqueur. After Halloran added a squeeze of lemon juice to lend brightness and zest to the mix, he found he had hit all the notes he was hoping to play.
— Wayne Curtis, Garden & Gun

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Andy and Charlie Nelson