Nashville Scene: The Legacy Behind the New Nelson's Whiskey

Nashville is home to lots of great storytellers. Singers and songwriters are of course the majority, but we’ve got one heck of an alt-weekly, The Nashville Scene, that tells many of our local tales. We were honored to have them visit us and discuss just a little bit of what all goes on here at the Distillery.

Starting with sourced bourbon from a much larger distillery, Charlie and Andy added value to the purchased juice by taking control of the aging and blending of the barrels. They created a consistently excellent product that was better than many other whiskeys that popped up during the bourbon boom of the past decade. Quickly becoming a favorite among bartenders and retail customers, Belle Meade Bourbon won numerous spirits awards, especially for the cask-finished versions that the Nelsons created to add even more nuance and value to their purchased whiskey.