Belle Meade Bourbon Mourvedre Cask Finish Impresses Bourbon & Banter

Special thanks to our friends at Bourbon & Banter for trying out our new special edition Belle Meade Bourbon Mourvedre Cask Finish. It's certainly a favorite around here, and we love to hear when true-blue bourbon aficionados think so as well. Check out the review at Bourbon & Banter. 

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I was wowed by the Belle Meade Cognac cask finish bourbon released two years ago, but this exceeds that. When too many distilleries are using cask finishing to cover up flaws in subpar source material, Andy and Charlie Nelson are demonstrating their ample talents for using well-aged liquid and amplifying it with cask finishing. I’m not the usual $150 bottle buyer, but I’d wait in line for this bourbon if I could. Problem is, it’s only available at the Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery in Nashville. Buyers are limited to one bottle, but if someone could get two, drink one now and save the other, do it. This is too exciting a whiskey to shelve, but it’s also a whiskey to be saved for celebrations.
— Steve Coomes, Bourbon & Banter