VinePair: Honey is Reemerging as a Sustainable, Flavorful Ingredient in Your Drink

Our friends over at VinePair wrote a great rundown of all the buzz today around distillers and beverage companies using honey in their craft products. We were honored to have our Belle Meade Bourbon Honey Craftsman Cask Collection included in their list. Made with our honey from TruBee here in Tennessee, it’s a fan favorite and goes quickly!

Belle Meade Bourbon imparts a range of floral notes, with a viscous mouthfeel delivering honey sweetness alongside more typical bourbon and charred oak influences. It’s a dessert dram delivered at booming cask strength, the best of both worlds, and a far cry from the honey-flavored whiskey that some of the big brands have pursued, generally showcasing added flavoring and saccharine sweetness with underproof (sub-40 percent ABV) spirits, which are more accurately liqueur as opposed to whiskey.
— Jake Emen, VinePair